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In Kyiv, Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan met with the representatives of the Armenian community. People came to the meeting with children. Not only Armenians living in Kyiv, but also people from Odessa, Dnipro, Cherkassy, Kirovagrad, Sumy, Khmelnytskyi, Chernigov regions, and from the city of Krivoy Rog attended the meeting.

The Prime Minister’s wife started her conversation with the children, and noted that she had waited a long time for this meeting. Anna Hakobyan asked about what they were engaged in and how they overcome the difficulties of war period. Armenian children inquired of the life in Armenia and what the children in Armenia do.

Answering the children’s questions related to the security in Armenia, Anna Hakobyan noted that the situation in Armenia is also critical, certainly not as difficult as in Ukraine, but the Armenian government is doing everything possible to establish peace.

To the question what Armenia is doing to strengthen relations with Ukraine, the Prime Minister’s wife answered that her visit to Kyiv is one of the steps toward that purpose.

The children said that they really wanted to come to Armenia, to enjoy the nature and cultural monuments of our country. Most of the children had been to Armenia, but the desire to return again was great.

They told Anna Hakobyan about their professional orientations, and the prime minister’s wife suggested them to visit Armenia and get the desired education in Armenia and become good specialists.

Most of the parents mentioned that they would definitely send their children to the Saturday Armenian school so that they could speak Armenian. The Prime Minister’s wife appreciated the decision of the parents, assured that knowing the mother tongue is very important for the compatriots of the Diaspora and ethnic Armenians all around the world.

All those present, young and old, assured that they were looking forward to visiting Armenia again. Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan called on the children to think about permanent residency in Armenia in the future.

The Armenian children from Odessa prepared a musical number, the children also brought their own paintings and handicrafts for Anna Hakobyan.

Anna Hakobyan handed over humanitarian aid (smartphones, computers) sent by the Armenian Government to Armenian children in Ukraine.

The representatives of the Armenian community thanked the Prime Minister’s wife for organizing the meeting, which the Armenians living in Ukraine have been waiting for many years.

Anna Hakobyan emphasized the importance of achieving sustainable peace in Armenia, Ukraine and in other countries in the world. She stressed how she was impressed by the meeting and was leaving them with love at heart.

The Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan also met with the staff of the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Ukraine and discussed a number of topics with them. They mentioned that in their long-time experience it was the first meeting of that format at the Embassy.

Famous Ukrainian Armenian film director Roman Balayan and artist Boris Yeghiazaryan were also to visit the embassy. Andranik Ghazaryan, Honorary Consul of Armenia in Cherkas region, Norik Gevorgyan, Honorary Consul of Armenia in Lviv region were also present at the meeting.