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Armenian Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan handed over humanitarian aid sent by the government of Armenia to Ukrainian students and schoolchildren

On the second day of her visit to Ukraine, Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan delivered humanitarian aid to Ukrainian schoolchildren and students.

At the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Anna Hakobyan was welcomed by Mr. Oksen Lisoviy, the Minister, and was presented with the current situation in the education sector.

Minister Lisoviy said that hundreds of schools in the country were affected by the war, and in a number of communities online classes are conducted.

The Prime Minister’s wife emphasized the importance of education for all children and unfortunately thousands of Ukrainian children are deprived of their rights.

“Yesterday we heard that more than 300 schools were fully destroyed. Thousands of Ukrainian children are forced to learn online, some have lost their homes, many cannot afford to buy a computer, tablet or a smartphone. With all my heart, I convey to you the humanitarian aid of the Armenian government to Ukrainian schoolchildren,” Anna Hakobyan said.

Anna Hakobyan said that the Armenian side was donating 1050 devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) for educational needs.

“The gadgets, as we have agreed, will be distributed to educational institutions in the areas where the largest number of children have connected to online learning; these are the children who were forced to leave their homes because of the military operations; children with disabilities, children from low-income families, or children deprived of parental care,” said the Prime Minister’s wife.

Anna Hakobyan wished for an early peace in Ukraine and for the children to return to school as soon as possible.

The Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, in turn, thanked Anna Hakobyan and the Government of Armenia for sending humanitarian aid to Ukrainian students.

The Prime Minister’s wife also visited the city of Bucha and was hosted in one of the local schools. Anna Hakobyan handed over humanitarian aid (computers, tablets) sent by the Armenian government.

The Prime Minister’s wife conversed with schoolchildren, asked about their preferences, whether they have already decided on choosing a profession. Some of the children already had clear vision on their future specialization. Anna Hakobyan showed where Armenia is on the map to the second-year schoolchildren, told them about the country and the capital city. The children thanked for the gifts, promised to gain more knowledge about Armenia.

Conversation with 6th grade students was more inclusive. In her speech, the Prime Minister’s wife noted that she was delighted with the courage of the children, expressed confidence that peace will be achieved soon and the children will continue to receive their education properly. She expressed hope that the gift of the Armenian government will help schoolchildren to increase their knowledge and become deserved citizens of their country. Anna Hakobyan called on schoolchildren to do well and become good professionals, wished everyone peace.