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Anna Hakobyan visits Singapore National University of health system

Anna Hakobyan, spouse of Armenia’s Prime Minister, chairwoman of the Board of Trustees of My Step and City of Smile charitable foundations visited the National University of health system in Singapore on Monday. Anna Hakobyan presented the activities of the City of Smile Foundation, told about the international cooperation implemented by the foundation, emphasizing that cooperation with Singapore National University of health system is one of the priority programs. “The Foundation has been operating for already one year. During this time we were able to provide free treatment for 170 children and adolescents suffering from cancer,” she said. Anna Hakobyan also toured the center. The National University Health System of Singapore is a huge medical unit that includes dozens of polyclinics and public hospitals. Since 2000, the Center has also been providing medical personalized services for patients who can receive daily treatments at home. The Center is collaborating with the Singapore Health and Education Ministries for the implementation of both research and educational programs. One of these programs is the training of physicians and the creation of medical schools where future nurses are trained.