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RA Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan attended in Bnunis the opening ceremony of the guest house named after Edgar Margaryan, who died in the 44-day war.

On August 27, “Edgar’s House” named after Edgar Margaryan, who died in the 44-day war, started operating in Bnunis village of Syunik marz. Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan was present at the official opening ceremony.

Setting up a guest house was Edgar’s dream. The mother, Arsine Sahakyan, moved from Yerevan to Bnunis in 2022, setting one goal in front of her: to complete her son’s dream. A year later, “Edgar’s House” was ready.

Arsine Sahakyan is sure that the strengthening of the homeland should start from the birthplace. Accompanied by Edgar’s mother, Anna Hakobyan walked around the guest house, familiarized herself with the facilities, and asked about their plans. According to Arsine Sahakyan, tourists were interested in the guest house from the very beginning, the flow of tourists started last year, when the construction of the guest house was not completed yet. With this move, Arsine Sahakyan aims to develop rural tourism, serving as an example for both Bnunis and surrounding neighborhoods.

Many people supported the realization of Edgar’s dream. Arsine Sahakyan asked Anna Hakobyan to convey words of thanks to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan for the government’s assistance.

With the efforts of Arsine Sahakyan, classes of carpet making, embroidery and painting have been operating in the village of Tolors for 2 months. The children presented their works to Anna Hakobyan. They will increase the number of such classes and include other communities as well.

In Bnunis Anna Hakobyan also visited the house of Gevorg Babajanyan, who died during the defense of the motherland. She talked with his mother Lilit Soghomonyan and her children. Gevorg was a serviceman under contract, he had continued to serve in the Armed Forces after the mandatory military service term.

The next house in Bnunis Anna Hakobyan visited was the house of Gore Gasparyan, a volunteer soldier who died in the 44-day war. Gore’s family has moved from Kashatagh to Bnunis. Anna Hakobyan thanked the parents for all the heroes, wished them patience, and considered al the young men’s actions invaluable.

The Prime Minister’s wife visited St. Astvatsatsin Church. The church dates back to the 19th century. It was renovated and furnished with the funds provided by the state budget and benefactors.