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Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan hosted Father Aristakes, Reverend Manukyan, Mkhitaryan Congregation

On July 24, Prime Minister’s wife Anna Hakobyan hosted the Mkhitaryan Congregation, Father Aristakes, spiritual responsible and clerk of the heirs of St. Lazar, Reverend Manukyan.

Father Aristakes noted that he came to encourage and express his support to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Anna Hakobyan. The conversation between the Prime Minister’s wife and the Holy Father was about both spiritual and global issues.

The Holy Father met with Anna Hakobyan on his own initiative and did not represent the Mkhitaryan Congregation at this meeting. Father Aristakes Reverend Manukyan gave a paternal blessing to Anna Hakobyan and wished peace to the Armenians all over the world.

After being ordained a priest, Father Aristakes Manukyan held a number of spiritual positions in the Mkhitaryan Vanatan of Lebanon, in the Mkhitaryan Colleges of Alexandria and Aleppo.