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Armenian acting PM’s spouse, founder of “Anna Kara loans” discuss cooperation issues

Anna Hakobyan, spouse of Armenia’s acting prime minister, on December 11 hosted founder of Anna Kara loans and the charitable foundation Anna Kara (Karapetyan). During the meeting Anna Kara introduced the activities of the Anna Kara loans charity foundation. For already 9 years the foundation provides assistance to the graduates of Vanadzor orphanage, caring for their living, education and finding a job.

“I am very excited especially after the velvet revolution and plan to enlarge the charity programs in Armenia, make investments with my friends, build a special center which will be a shelter for children who have completed the orphanage. Here they will acquire life skills, demanded professions and will find jobs”,

Anna Kara said, adding that she, as well as her business colleagues and numerous American-Armenians plan to support and closely cooperate with „My Step“ Foundation.

In her turn Anna Hakobyan assured that she and the Foundation are ready to assist and provide the necessary support for construction of a shelter for the orphanage kids. “It’s very important that a complex solution is given to the issue, and at the moment the Foundation is working on this direction and is ready to cooperate with all concerned sides”, she said.